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  • Visit Pavlodar region to the Tyumen region

    The official visit of our delegation to Tyumen is continuing. Head of the region Bulat Bakauov, who heads the delegation from the Pavlodar region, visited the Antipinsky oil refinery, the metallurgical enterprise Elektrostal of Tyumen, and also visited industrial parks.        At the official meeting the heads of two regions Bulat Bakauov and

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    VAT exemption for import became available from 1 January, 2017 for investors, carrying out investment projects and from 1 January, 2018 for investors, carrying out special investment projects. The provisions on VAT exemption for import are set out in the Tax Code the Republic of Kazakhstan (the Tax Code). Investment  Project Pursuant to the sub-point

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  • Investment preferences application

    An application for investment preferences must be filed on a form prescribed by the investments authorized body and enclosed with as follows: 1) State registration (re-registration) certificate of a legal entity; 2) Copies of charter (by-laws) of the legal entity to be signed by the head and the seal of the legal entity (where applicable);

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  • Investment Disputes

    An investment dispute shall mean a dispute arising out of contractual obligations between investors, inter alia big investors, and state bodies in connection with the investment activity of an investor. The investment disputes shall be resolved amicably or pursuant to the dispute resolution procedure which was previously agreed by the parties. Should the investment disputes are

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  • Special Economic Zone Preferences

    Preferences for participants of FEZ

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  • Tax Preferences

    Pursuant to article 290, Entrepreneurial Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the tax preferences shall be granted to the legal entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in manner and order established by the tax laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The tax preferences scheme for investment projects comprises of as follows: 1) Tax relief under

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  • Investment Subsidies

    Investment subsidies (cashback) is one of the state support instrument for investment activity provided to investors engaged in investment priority projects. As per the point 1 article 291, the Entrepreneurial Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan,  the investment subsidies shall mean a non-repayable and non-refundable budget subsidy (cashback) granted as an investment preference to a legal

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  • State In-Kind Grants

    State in-kind grants is the state support instrument for investment activity granted to investors engaged in investment project and investment priority projects. In order to get the state in-kind grants the investors should obtain and file a prior formal approval of a local executive body(akimat) along with an application for signing investment contract. Thereby, prior to

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  • Customs duty exemption (Duty free import)

    Customs duty exemption, i.e. duties free import, is the sole instrument of state support of investment activity provided for three investment projects: investment project, investment priority and special investment project. Legal entities that carry out the investment projects or investment priority projects shall be exempt from the customs duties in relation of import of production

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  • Investment Preferences

    The state support of investments meant to create favourable investment climate to boost economy and investments into development of new, expansion and renovation of the existing production facilities along with the use of modern technologies, upgrade qualification of Kazakhstani human resources and environmental protection. The state support instruments for the investment activity are investment preferences

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