Foreign trade turnover of Pavlodar region

for January-December 2016-2017

  The volume of foreign trade of Pavlodar region in January-December 2017 was $ 2,876.9 million. that made 126,1% by January-December 2016 (2 280.6 million us dollars).). The share of Pavlodar region in the total trade turnover of Kazakhstan is 3.7%.            The increase in the volume of foreign trade is associated with an increase in exports by 60.5% (in January-December 2017 – $ 1,827.3 million). January-December 2016: $ 1,138. 5 million.). At the same time, the volume of imports in January-December 2017 decreased by $ 95.5 million. and amounted to 91.9% by January-December 2016 ($1,449.6 million). against $ 1,142. 1 million.). There was a positive trade balance of $ 777.7 million.

Exports The increase in exports is observed for the main groups of goods-mining and chemical industry, metallurgy, food — – Mineral products 2.3 times or $ 510.6 million. including export volume of ores and concentrates of copper on 383,7 million dollars., coal and lignite at $ 21.7 million and $ 6.0 million, respectively. accordingly, petroleum coke calcined and uncalcined at $ 15.7 million and $ 4.1 million respectively. respectively. Propane exports increased by $ 5.9 million. (12 months) 2017 – $ 9.3 million., 12 months. 2016 – $ 3.4 million); butane at $ 2.5 million. (12 months) 2017 – $ 10.2 million, 12 months. 2016 – $ 7.7 million). In 2017, exports of petroleum bitumen were registered ($2.7 million). into Uzbekistan.) – Metallurgy by 37.1% or $ 144.9 million, due to the growth of exports of unprocessed aluminium by $ 360.8 million (Jan-Dec 2017 – 689,3 million. January-December 2016: $ 328.5 million); iron semi-finished products for $ 5.0 million., rods of silica-manganese steel at $ 4.4 million. However, the decrease of export of ferrosilicomanganese (Jan-Dec 2017 – 24,0 mln. January-December 2016 – 50.2 million doll.);- The chemical industry by 3.7% or $ 12.4 million. by increasing the export of aluminium oxide by $ 10.7 million, a decrease of $ 10.7 million was recorded. (January-December 2017-us $ 321.8 million – January-December 2016 – $ 311.1 million.), polypropylene for $ 2.6 million. ($16.8 million) against $ 14.2 million.), other acyclic ethers, $ 3.9 million (including due to the start of exports to Ukraine); — Food 1.7 times or by $ 12.9 million., including due to growth in exports of cereals of other cereals by $ 4.2 million. (12 months) 2017 – USD 6.3 million., 12 months. 2016 – us $ 2.1 million.); fresh potatoes $ 3.8 million. ($4.3 million) against $ 0.5 million.); sunflower seeds for $ 3.7 million. (12 months) 2017 – $ 5.8 million., 12 months. 2016 – us $ 2.1 million.). In January-December of this year, exports also increased: – engineering products by 2.4 times by 6.9 million dollars.; — building materials of 14.9%, or $ 243,7 thousand. Of the total exports, the share of processed products was 58.8 per cent, or $ 1,074.7 million.

In January-December of this year, imports of mineral products increased by 23.4 % or $ 25.9 million. by increasing imports of coke and semi-coke from coal (12 months).2017 – $ 94.4 million., 12 months. 2016 – USD 60.7 million); 26.5 per cent or $ 16.6 million in food; by increasing the supply of condensed milk and cream (12 months). 2017 – $ 7.7 million, 12 months. 2016 – $ 4.6 million), malt beer (12 months. 2017 – $ 5.0 million., 12 months. 2016 – $ 4.0 million.); chemical products by 11.3% or $ 15.8 million. due to the increase in imports of other catalysts (for $ 6.4 million.), disodium carbonate (us $ 4.5 million).), fungicides ($2.1 million).), fluorides of aluminium (to us $ 2.9 million.);construction materials by 3.0% or $ 1.2 million. by increasing the supply of unarmoured glass ($4.5 million).) and refractory ceramic products. Imports of steel products decreased by 10.1 %, or $ 15.8 million. (January-December 2017 – $ 139.8 million) January-December 2016: us $ 155.5 million). Deliveries of steel structures from ferrous metals were reduced by 10.1 million. doll. welded tubes of circular cross section – at $ 4.7 million.; engineering products by 24.5 per cent or $ 139.9 million by reducing the supply of other turbines with a capacity of more than 40 MW ($24.4 million).), valves for pipelines ($19.3 million).), other machines with heating for materials processing ($18.3 million).), boiler auxiliary equipment ($7.9 million).); wood, timber and pulp and paper products by 10.8 per cent or $ 3.5 million. In January-December 2017, the number of trading partners increased from 47 to 73 compared to the beginning of the year. The main trade partners of the region are: – CIS countries. The trade turnover of Pavlodar region with the CIS countries in January-December 2017 amounted to $ 1,584.0 million. (export – $ 872.2 million); imports – $ 711.8 million.), including $ 1,403.5 million with Russia. (export – $ 772.2 million); imports – $ 631.3 million.). Russia’s share in the EAEU in January-December 2017 amounted to 97.9%. The share of the EAEU in the region’s foreign trade is 49.8% (Russian Federation, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia). The volume of trade with the EAEU for January-December 2017 amounted to 1434.1 million. doll., including exports – $ 778.9 million., imports – $ 655.2 million. There was a surplus of $ 123.6 million. At the same time, the volume of trade with the EAEU increased by 23.5% compared to the corresponding period last year. The growth of mutual supplies is registered both in exports (by 24.2%) and imports (by 22.6 %). The main sectors in exports with the EEU are chemical, mining (including energy), iron and steel. Accordingly, the main commodity items in these sectors – alumina, coal, aluminum and electricity. Exports of mineral products increased by 1.8 times, mechanical engineering by 2.8 times, chemical products by 4.2 %, metallurgy by 13.7%, building materials by 20.6%. The leading sectors of imports are machinery (other machines with heating for materials processing, sbalansirovannye trucks, axles and wheels, machinery and apparatus for filtering and cleaning liquids, water and gases, measuring and control devices), mineral products (coke and semi-coke of bituminous coal and anthracite), iron and steel (ferrous metals), chemical (disodium carbonate). Imports increased by all major commodity groups, including imports of metallurgy by 59.4 per cent, machinery and equipment by 9.8 per cent, food by 36.9 per cent and mineral products by more than 20 per cent.

In March of this year Pavlodar was visited by delegation of Omsk region headed by the Governor of the Russian region V. I. Nazarov. The delegation was represented by the state bodies of Omsk region-the ministries of economy, industry, agriculture, as well as the heads of companies in the sphere of industry, agriculture, construction, education, culture, religion.The official meeting of the two regions was held in the house of Friendship, as a result Of which the heads of the regions signed an Additional agreement on cooperation aimed at mutual support of the interests of small and medium-sized businesses, exchange of information on new types of products, priority investment projects, innovative developments. The main purpose of the visit was to develop and strengthen cooperation in the field of small and medium-sized businesses.Within the framework of the delegation’s visit, the chamber of entrepreneurs of Pavlodar region together with the center for coordination of support to export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses of Omsk region organized a business meeting of business circles of Pavlodar and Omsk regions. Between enterprises signed memorandums of cooperation in the field of agriculture, tourism, mutual supply of products (Department of agriculture, LLP “Sayat Pavlodar”, LLP “Five Stars”, LLP “Agrohimprogress”). In April 2017, the delegation of Pavlodar region headed by akim of region B. Bakauov visited the Republic of Belarus (Minsk and Gomel region). A Protocol of the meeting between the heads of Pavlodar and Gomel regions was signed during the visit,

The Memorandum of cooperation between the FEZ “Pavlodar” (Kazakhstan, Pavlodar and FEZ “Gomel-Raton” (Belarus, Gomel), the agreement on sister-city relationship between the city of Ekibastuz and the Guerrilla area of Minsk. In the field of education signed an agreement on cooperation between the red army agro-technical College and rechinsky agro College. In June this year, the Consul General of the Russian Federation paid a visit to Ust-Kamenogorsk Korolev M. Yu. the delegation of Pavlodar region took part in the V international forum of technological development “TechnoProm”.Negotiations were held with enterprises in the field of metallurgy and petrochemistry, during which Russian companies were informed about the special economic zone “Pavlodar” operating in the region and its preferences. The delegation got acquainted with the Siberian venture fair. More than 30 innovative projects in the field of medicine and biotechnology were presented at the fair. In June this year Delegation of the Altai territory of the Russian Federation headed by Deputy Prime Minister of the Altai territory Andrey Shchukin visited Pavlodar region. September 15, 2017 Deputy akim of the region N. Dychko took part in the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Altai territory. On September 27, 2017, a meeting with business circles (14 companies) of Novosibirsk region was held in Pavlodar.  — European country. The volume of foreign trade of Pavlodar region with European countries in January-December 2017 amounted to 450,4 million dollars. (export – $ 228.9 million); imports-221.5 million. doll.), which is 27 % more than in January-December 2016 (export – $ 161.4 million).; imports – $ 193.3 million.). The share of European countries in the total trade of the region was 15.7 %. The main share falls on Germany (4.2% of total foreign trade), Greece (4.1%), Italy (2.3%), Bulgaria (1.3%), Netherlands and Croatia (0.5% each). April 1-3, 2017, the region was visited by the extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kazakhstan Rolf Rafael. A meeting was held in the akimat of Pavlodar region, during which issues of bilateral cooperation with Germany, assistance in the development of the German language in the region were discussed, the Ambassador got acquainted with the investment attractive region. Within the framework of the visit, meetings with the society of Germans “Vozrozhdenie”, a visit to the sausage shop of “rubikom”, a visit were held

Rehabilitation center “Samal”. The exhibition of the German energy Agency DENA was opened in the building of the house of Friendship, during which everyone could get acquainted with the types and methods of obtaining alternative energy, the experience of Germany in this direction. The exhibition worked until April 10 this year at Pavlodar state University. S. Toraigyrov, the German Ambassador Rolf Rafael read a report on “the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Germany”. September 6, 2017, the delegation of the region headed by akim of the region B. Bakauova took part in Kazakh-Polish Business Forum. A Memorandum was signed with the all-Polish economic Chamber for the implementation of the investment project “Agrogorod”. On September 8, 2017, the delegation of Poland headed by Chairman of the Committee of the all-Polish economic Chamber Taduesz Namedynski visited the Greenhouse complex in Pavlodar, Aksu (“Sergey”, “Timur”), industrial zone and SEZ “Pavlodar”. On November 24, 2017, akim of region b met at the Congress Center “Astana Expo-2017” in Astana. Bakauova with representatives of diplomatic services of foreign States in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Austria, Italy, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Japan, USA, Iran and UAE).   — Asian country. The volume of foreign trade of Pavlodar region with Asian countries in January – December 2017 amounted to 814.8 million dollars. (export – $ 723.4 million); imports – $ 91.4 million.), which is 1.5 times more than in January-December 2016 (export – $ 266.5 million).; imports – $ 290.4 million.). The share of Asian countries in the total trade volume of the region amounted to 28.3 %. The main share falls on China (24 %), Turkey (3.4%), Afghanistan (0.6%). In may this year Pavlodar region was visited by Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Kazakhstan Ichiro Kawabata (Ichiro KAWABATA). A meeting with Governor of the region B. Bakauov was held, during which the Ambassador of Japan was informed about the features and investment opportunities of Pavlodar region, as well as issues of bilateral cooperation, including the program “Roots of grass”. The program is aimed at supporting projects of non-profit organizations. In June this year the region was visited by a delegation Of the investment Fund SUAR PRC. During the visit took place a visit of FEZ “Pavlodar”, LLP “GissenHouse”, LLP “upnk-PV” LLP, “IPAS”, the channel Irtysh-Uspenka and the number of enterprises with agricultural areas. On July 7 this year, the delegation of Pavlodar region headed by akim of the region B. Bakauov took part in the “Shanxi week” events held by Shanxi province of the PRC within the framework of EXPO-2017. B2B meetings with business representatives of the Shanxi side, meetings of akim with large Chinese enterprises were held. 24 July this year with the Assistance of the Agency for attracting investments in the building Of the chamber of entrepreneurs of Pavlodar region held a meeting of commissioners of international exhibitions with the business community of the region and the heads of individual universities. On July 25 this year, a Delegation from Guizhou province visited the city of Pavlodar in order to establish inter-regional cooperation. Meeting with the head of the region Bakauov B. J. ended with the signing of the Memorandum between the regions. Issues of possible cooperation in agriculture, tourism and mutual trade were discussed. 12-15 September this year the delegation of the region took part in the 1st forum of interregional cooperation “Kazakhstan-ASEAN”. On September 16-22, the delegation of the region headed by akim of the region B. Bakauov visited the PRC (SUAR Urumqi, Shanxi province, Taiyuan, Shaanxi province, XI’an).

The following documents were signed: — agreement on cooperation in the field of industrial production, investment cooperation, education and science, tourism development and other areas between the akimat of Pavlodar region and Shanxi province; — Memorandum of understanding between the akimat of Pavlodar region and the silk Road Association; — Memorandum on cooperation in the field of energy, carbon chemistry, science, culture, education, etc.between the akimat of Ekibastuz and the mayor’s office of Hejin of Shanxi province.In October 2017, representatives of Pavlodar region took part in the Japanese-Kazakh business forum “Investment opportunities in the regions of Kazakhstan”as a part of the Kazakh delegation. After a visit to the Japanese company Taheyo Cement and Azuma Shipping, an agreement was reached on the transfer of a trial batch of the drug to combat mercury pollution, which will pass laboratory and field tests. In addition, the company JGC (‘jji’) is interested in privatization of Pavlodar airport.In November this year, a delegation of representatives of the Confederation of Industrialists and entrepreneurs SANKON (Turkey) visited the region. During the visit a meeting was held with Governor of the region, with entrepreneurs of the region, a visit to the SEZ “Pavlodar”, LLP “Agency for attracting investments”. In December 2017, meetings were held with representatives of AYONIX (Japan), MIKROLINK (Turkey) companies, offering the implementation of projects on the safe city in terms of installation of special software for IP cameras or special cameras that allows to recognize the person by person.The share of the countries of America in the total trade of the region in January-December 2017 amounted to 0.9 %.