Registration of permits

Land registration

Executable processes (detailed steps) Organization Performer  
1. Request information about the selected land (free / busy) department of land cadastre and technical survey of real estate  
2. Write an application addressed to the City Akim, attach a scheme for accommodation of the s / y, hand over to the Center a servicing population Akimat, Center a servicing population  
3. The Center a servicing population sends to the city’s architect Center a servicing population, Architecture of the city  
4. Architecture prepares the act of choosing s / y Architecture of the city  
5. Land-cadastral plan for vyyuranny land plot is discharged department of land cadastre and technical survey of real estate  
6. ZKP is approved in the State Department “Land Relations Department” of the city OZO  
7. After approval, the Akim’s decision to grant Akimat  
8. The boundaries of the s / y are set department of land cadastre and technical survey of real estate or any licensed firm  
9. Registration of rights to the law in the justice bodies through the Center a servicing population Center a servicing population, Justice  

Permission for construction and installation works

Executable processes (detailed steps) Organization Performer  
1. Design estimates (design estimates) Competitive environment  
2. APZ (architectural and planning task) Competitive environment  
3. Technical Supervision Contract Competitive environment  
4. Architectural supervision agreement Competitive environment  
5. Contract for construction and installation work Competitive environment  
6. Positive conclusion of the Design estimates examination    
7. Notarially certified consent of neighbors 2-3 applications (in the case when the reconstruction or redesign of apartments in multi-storey buildings or a parade to multi-storey houses)    
8. Legal documents – Identity card – Sales contract or donation – Decree of the Akimat on the allocation of the custody – Gos. act on land – Decision or order to carry out the reconstruction of the authorized body (GU “Department of Architecture and Town Planning of Pavlodar) GU “Department of Architecture and Town Planning of Pavlodar  
9. EDS (electronic digital signature) of the customer    

Getting those. conditions (power supply)

Executable processes (detailed steps)

Organization Performer
1.Full name of the facility and its location with the application of the situational plan.  
2. The maximum load of the object, the nature of electricity consumption.  
3. The list of sub-consumers and the characteristics of their electrical installations.  
4. Terms for the introduction of electrical loads by years. PavlodarEnergoSbyt
5. The category of power receivers for the reliability of power supply in general and for individual process installations, which meets the requirements of the norms of technical documentation.  
6. The basis of the claimed capacity.  
7. A copy of the document confirming the ownership or property lease (lease), including leasing, trust management and other uses for the power supply facility.  

Getting those. conditions (heat supply)

1. To obtain technical conditions for the connection of newly constructed facilities requiring the receipt of an architectural and planning assignment, the customer sends an application to the structural subdivision of the local executive body that performs functions in the field of architecture and town planning The following documents are attached to the application: – a questionnaire (in accordance with the form in accordance with Annex 2 of the “Rules for the Organization of Construction and Permitting Procedures in the Construction Sector”
2 Preparation, execution, extension and modification of technical conditions is carried out by the department of perspective development  
3.Based on the request and attached documents, the ODA prepares the technical conditions with indication of the parameters, location and conditions of the object’s connection, or a well-founded response to the applicant.  
4.Applications for the issuance, renewal, modification of technical conditions are mandatory registration in the office  

Getting those. conditions (water supply)

1. Statement in the prescribed form
2. Calculations indicating the required costs for water consumption, fire fighting, water disposal, performed in accordance with the requirements of SNiP (for IZhS not required).
3. For legal entities – a copy of the business identification number (BIN).
4. Copies of title documents (an act on the right of private ownership of a land plot, the basis for its issuance – Resolution of the Akimat (copy of the contract of sale, gift agreement, etc.).
5. Situation scheme, indicating the boundaries of the land plot in accordance with the acts on the choice of the land plot, reflecting the existing position of the object and communications at the time of the request for technical conditions, confirmed by the State Institution “Architecture and Urban Planning Department of Pavlodar.”