Public-private Partnership (PPP)

    Public-private partnership (PPP)

    Public-private partnership (hereinafter – PPP) is a form of cooperation between a public partner and a private partner, corresponding to the characteristics defined by the Legislation.


    The main statutory acts regulating activities in the field of PPPs are:

    • Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On public-private partnership”;
    • Order of the Acting Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 25.11.2015 year №725 “On some issues of planning and implementation of public-private partnership projects”;
    • Order of the Acting Minister of the National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 724 of November 25, 2015, “On Approval of the Typical Tender Documentation for the Public-Private Partnership Project and the Model Treaty on Public-Private Partnership on the Implementation of Public-Private Partnerships in Certain Sectors (Areas) of the Economy”.

    PPP projects classification

    Depending on the resulting ownership of the property received as a result of the project, and depending on the level of the beneficiary, PPP projects are divided into national and local.

    Role of the Agency for attracting investments in PPP

    In accordance with the decree of the akimat of Pavlodar region dated 07.03.2017 No. 48/2 LLP “Agency for attracting investments” is determined by a legal entity to provide consulting support in public-private partnership projects, including the development of draft concepts, tender documentation, contracts, including consulting Services in the negotiation process between the subjects of PPP.

    In the area of implementing PPP projects, the Agency provides the following types of services:

    • Consulting
    • PPP concept development
    • PPP tender documentation
    • PPP contract drafting